Finland is the focus of Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013. The focus country status brings an increased number of Finnish artists to the festival and also gives Finland an opportunity to leave its mark on the seminar programme.

“With successful acts like Disco Ensemble, Astrid Swan, LCMDF, French Films, Reckless Love, Mirel Wagner and many many more there is definitely reason to focus on the healthy Finnish music scene”, says Peter Smidt, Creative Director of Eurosonic Noorderslag.

An event not to miss

Every year, Eurosonic Noorderslag gathers more than 3000 music business professionals and 30 000 festival goers to the city of Groningen. “For someone working in the live field, the event is a dream come true. It’s a lot of new bands, a lot of promoters, agents and festivals. Being the focus country is a great opportunity”, says the grand old man of Finnish music business Juhani Merimaa. Finnish bands and live music professionals have had a long-time presence at the event, and Merimaa himself has been to Groningen around ten times representing his venue Tavastia and festivals Ruisrock and Ankkarock.

The time is ripe

The executive director of Music Finland Tuomo Tähtinen sees Eurosonic Noorderslag as a prominent platform for Finnish acts and feels that the timing for the partnership is also excellent: “Considering the event and the current, steady uprising of interesting new Finnish acts in all genres, the country partnership couldn't take place at a better time. Together with the Eurosonic Noorderslag team, we're on a path to building something very interesting for 2013."

The 27th edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag will take place January 9–12 2013.