November 2004

on 2004-11-11

 November 2004

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The Music Export Finland export group, established in 2002 and funded by thirteen visionary Finnish companies and organisations, will broaden its organisation and actions from export group to an association. Promotion and marketing of Finnish popular music will be continued and enhanced by this new association with members on a broad front from Finnish music industry organisations: IFPI Finland; Finnish Independent Record Producers’ Association Indieco; Finnish Musicians’ Union; Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto/Finnish Music Information Centre (FIMIC); Finnish Composers and Lyric Writers Association ELVIS; and The Finnish Music Publishers’ Association. This broad base of the the member organisations ensures that the services of the association are available for all working within the Finnish industry.

The activities of this new organisation will be further enhanced by the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to support artist travel costs to trade fairs and joint marketing showcases by max. 50% of the costs.
Further information and press releases here>>>

- Previous years’ steep rise in record sales reflected in sales of services and copyright royalties

The total market value of Finnish music exports report was released during the Music & Media event in Tampere, Finland on October 22nd. The average growth in total market value since 1999 has been a remarkable 31% annually. The total market value of Finnish music exports increased from 15.5 million euros in 2001 to 20.3 million euros in 2003. Growth was particularly spectacular in sales of services, which increased 170 per cent. This increase can be traced back to the positive record sales tally of previous years, which paved the way for a rise in sales of services such as concerts and tours.

Read the press release, research presentation and the whole report here>>>

EXOGENIC BREAKS RECORDS has signed an agreement with SiB Distribution for exclusive distribution in the GSA territory. The forward looking label has also licensed content for several digital distribution platforms: Tezoma, streaming service for music related retailers and media; Sony StreamMan, streaming service for mobile phones;, sells MP3 downloads of the Exogenic Breaks catalogue;, sells copy-protected downloads of the complete Exogenic catalogue.

EXOGENIC‘s latest releases include the debut album from the champions of spiritual fatness Fat Beat Sound System called Fala Fala, Koneveljet who serve up some banging techno tunes on the Damn & Welkom vinyl release and boy wonder PJVM who satisfies fans of electro with the I Think You Are vinyl single.

Kainuu, the new album from Sanna Kurki-Suonio and Riitta Huttunen (ROCKADILLO RECORDS) is a major event in Finnish contemporary folk music. The album - coming out in November - is the duo´s debut and also Sanna’s first recording in six years on her own name. Another anticipated Rockadillo debut is from the crème de la crème of Finnish contemporary jazz musicians, So So, who will release their debut album Smooth in November. The album serves up couple of covers of jazz standards as well as own fresh compositions by the band members. The album includes also a Radiohead cover No Surprises which takes original britpop into new territories.


Experimental pioneers in electronic music, Pan Sonic, have now been officially recognised by the Finnish goverment. In November the duo received a surprising but well-deserved 13 000 euro arts award granted by the Arts Council of Finland/Minister of Culture. After releasing a gigantic four cd album Kesto, the tireless duo will continue touring the world, with performances in Japan in November.

Finland’s funkiest combo Giant Robot (STUPIDO RECORDS) will play the B2 club in Moscow on December 6th and the renowned EuroSonic festival in Groeningen in mid-January. EuroSonic has been a vital launching pad for several superbands, including Franz Ferdinand and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

The ongoing Nightwish world tour is reaching Americas on November 27th. The ever more popular group will play ten dates in South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, and then head north for three concerts in Canada. Tour info >>>

Recently awarded or nominated by the MTV’s of Europe, Russia and Latin America, The Rasmus continue striking while the iron is hot – they have gigged virtually without letup almost two years now. The next live targets are in the US, Canada, Mexico, The Benelux and the Southern Europe. Tour info>>>

Launching on December 5th, the trollish folk metal squad Finntroll play 15 dates without days off on their European tour spreading to Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Tour info>>>

Kluster, the experimental joint venture of accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and sample specialist Samuli Kosminen, will have concerts in Portugal on December 1st–3rd. These performances in Coimbra, Lisboa and Famalicão are preceded by an appearance at the prestigious Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh on November 19th. Tour info>>>

Behind the Numbers: Here’s a surprising career tip demonstrated by Eppu Normaali, who are the first Finnish rock band to sell more than a million records in Finland. After a 11-year break between albums, the band have a new album out now, called Sadan vuoden päästäkin (‘Even After a Hundred Years’). The band seems to be more popular than ever: during the first weekend on sale the album sold platinum, over 30 000 copies. So if you’re battling with a creative block take Eppu Normaali’s example as a consolation: time is on your side.

Behind the Scenes: The 69 Eyes now call themselves Helsinki vampires, and feature songs about the superhero Daredevil and eighties teen-horror flick The Lost Boys. Their fascination with superheroes and such is nothing new; in his pre-teen years the vocalist who now calls himself Jyrki69 was a big fan of Spider-Man, and even got one of his drawings onto the letters page of Spider-Man’s Finnish version. (Spider-Man in Finnish? Hämähäkkimies).
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