Accordion guru Kimmo Pohjonen’s documentary and Uniko DVD

on 2011-10-13

The accordionist, composer and musical polymath is all over the place this winter… The 86-minute Soundbreaker features interviews, story, photos, music and video from Kimmo Pohjonen (Hoedown Arts) going back 25 years. Featured Pohjonen projects include Earth Machine Music, Uniko with Kronos Quartet, KTU, K Cube and Accordion Wrestling.

The 86 minute film was produced and directed by Kimmo Koskela of Koskela Art & Media House, Helsinki. Stay tuned for more news on this film.

Uniko, the fruit of collaboration between Pohjonen, producer/electronic rhythmatist Samuli Kosminen and Kronos Quartet, is out on DVD in September and October, depending on your territory. The piece was premiered and filmed at the Helsinki Festival in 2004. The film was produced by BFMI, Austria and Yle Teema, Finland and the DVD is being released by German label CMajor. Pohjonen, Kosminen and Proton String Quartet are touring to support the release of the DVD.

The album Uniko was originally released by Ondine in early 2011 and it stayed in the European World Music Chart’s top 10 for a full four months.

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