Femma, the other music award in Finland

on 2011-03-10

This year the crowd was so big even the performers had a hard time getting in. This year’s gala was dedicated to the memory of legendary producer TT Oksala and awards were given in a number of categories, including best live band (Circle), character of the year (Jocke, long-serving booker and bar manager), cooperation of the year (Uusi Fantasia & Freeman), venue (Suvilahti, home of Flow, future home of Tuska), makeover of the year (Mariska, from rapper to schlager), mental health (Ville Ahonen apparently made people doubt his and their own sanity), etc.

This year’s star performers were Pentti Kurikan Nimipäivät, who also won the ultimate Femma accolade, Ylä-Femma award. High five! A good time was had by all, in very close confines, and surely the laundry bills were hefty the next day.

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