Kraut-electro stompers K-X-P sign to Melodic Records

on 2011-10-13

The band will celebrate its new-found home at the Manchester label by releasing an EP called Easy. If you’re looking for a Lionel Richie vibe, though, just move on… Bassist Tuomo Puranen has categorized as “an abstract sculpture made of sound and flesh”, and while most people might not put it in just those words, the idea that they are exceedingly hard to fit into any existing categories surely rings true to anyone that has ever been exposed to the delicious pummeling they inflict on listeners live and on record.

The new EP is available as three different packages.

Pitchfork took a look at one of the songs last month.

K-X-P Played a launch gig in London at The City Arts & Music Project on October 13th.

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