MOI! Stockholm festival and You Say Hej We Say Moi music industry conference a success

on 2011-10-13

Based on anecdotal feedback harvested from a variety of informal conversations and Facebook feeds, we can confidently state that both the MOI! Stockholm festival and the You Say Hej We Say Moi music industry conference were a success.

For many bands playing at the showcases this was their first time in Sweden. Mattias Björkas of Cats On Fire (Soliti), playing at the indie night on Friday, said it felt different from a music industry showcase, more like a real festival with the crowds there to check out interesting bands as fans.

One of the most memorable moments of the festival came at the indie night, courtesy of surprise guest composer, musician and author (plus eternal rebel and underground legend) M.A. Numminen, who regaled the assembled crowd with a spellbinding performance of Katten också, complete with phonebook solo, as well as stories from his recently published book Till Helsingfors.

There were nights for metal, world music, electro and rock, too. Sansa (Texicalli Records) on Thursday night put on a good show and garnered interest from the assembled industry reps, in addition to vowing the crowd. Saturday night’s bill with Bendagram, LCMDF (Heavenly Recordings) and Shine 2009 (EXPO) was a major hit with the Stockholm crowds, too, and proved to everyone present that LCMDF has what it takes to make the leap into the major leagues.

The meeting at Debaser Medis between Finnish and Swedish music business professionals served its purpose by getting people to meet each other face to face. Good things will come of this as friendships are developed and deals negotiated.

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