Music & Media Finland is almost here!

on 2011-10-14

October 20th is so close you can almost taste it. It’s kind of smoky, with a hint of lemon and leaves a tingly aftertaste that lasts all winter long. The 22nd Music & Media event has a lot to offer, too much to really delve into here, but let’s look at a couple of the truly exceptional ways to spend time while in Tampere:

  • Synch Summit: A gaggle of the most powerful music directors from the worlds of television, movies, games and brands & advertising are in Tampere to talk about getting your music heard by the gatekeepers of the synchronization pot o’ gold. It’s a day-long event where a staggering amount of practical and priceless information will be imparted to those ready to receive it.
  • This year’s celebrity interviews are a treat of rare breadth. There’s legendary promoter and producer Harvey Goldsmith, recognized for his contributions to the music industry in the UK and the world, as well as his work with artists like U2, Coldplay, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Queen and many others, as well as on charity concerts like Live Aid in 1985 and the Concert for Cambodia in 1978. There’s Martin Mills, owner of the Beggars Group, the largest owner-run music group in the alternative field. The Group comprises of four primary labels: XL Recordings, 4AD, Rough Trade and Matador. ‘Nuff said. Last, but not least, there’s Artemyi Troitsky, a veteran cultural thought leader and music journalist from Russia, going back to the Soviet era. He has worked as editor-in-chief for Russian Playboy, musical director for a national TV channel and talk show host. He has written a slew of columns critical of society at large, which obviously takes more balls in some places than others. He currently has his won radio show, lectures at Moscow University and is an active member of the Russian environmental movement.
  • Lost In Music: There’s so much of it, you will be, but that’s ok. You know when you hit a city you don’t know and just walk around sort of aimlessly? And how that’s the best time to just listen to your heart and stop into bars and restaurants that speak to you somehow? And how it ends up being one of the most awesome and mysterious nights out? Lost In Music offers you this potential. It’s been known to happen.


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