рок-грызуны rocks the children of Mother Russia

on 2011-10-14

That’s pronounced Rok-Gryzuny, more or less. For 15 years the band has played rock music for children in Finland under the name Jytä-Jyrsijät, The Rockin’ Rodents (Stay Heavy Records). Now they’re taking their show to Russia, with lyrics translated by Anna Sidorova and sung by Galja Chikiss, who has also written a few songs for the band.

The genre of rock music for children is a fairly unknown phenomenon in Russia, whereas in Finland it’s pretty commonplace, with most of the bands writing their own songs about subjects like not wanting to wear rain clothing and wanting to put ketchup on toast.

рок-грызуны has played over a dozen shows in Russia so far, from Vyborg right by the Finnish border to Norilsk in Siberia. Rodentius Rockenrollis is the rat to watch in 2012!
If you want to listen to the stuff, go to soundcloud.com and paste рок-грызуны in the search box.

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