Symphonic metal juggernaut Nightwish announces European tour dates

on 2011-10-13

The Finnish band Nightwish (King Foo Entertainment) and its Swedish lead singer are hitting Europe in April 2012 for a tour lasting for approximately one month. Starting on April 10 in Gothenburg, Sweden and ending up in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 8, the tour celebrates eagerly anticipated release of their new album Imaginaerum.

The European release date for Imaginaerum is December 2, on Nuclear Blast Records. Roadrunner Records will release the album in the United States on January 10, 2012. The band’s world tour will start in LA on January 21, with the rest of their US tour taking place later in the year. The LA show is a one-off show and the biggest live production in the band’s history.

Storytime, the first single off the new album is due out on November 11.

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